NEW* 2018 BC High School Boys Registration Instructions

2018 BC High School Boys “AA/AAA” Volleyball Registration
Coaches and Athletic Directors:

For 2018 – “AA” & “AAA” senior boys’ volleyball teams must complete the following tasks:


1.         BC School Sports Registration “STARS”

When entering your senior boys’ volleyball team in to the BCSS “Stars” database include the following required information:

  1. First and last name of athlete.   (Use the following style:  Joe Smith)
  2. Grade
  3. Height – use feet and inches
  4. Uniform/Jersey #
  5. Head coach name
  6. Head coach email
  7. Head coach cell #

NEW:  Please ensure the head coach’s name, email and cell phone # are listed in STARS

DO NOT use the Athletic Director’s name or school phone # as the contact.

Deadline for complete registrations in STARS:  October 17, 2018


2.             Team Photo

All teams must submit a quality colour digital team photo.  Make sure you follow these instructions:

  1. “Landscape” orientation, JPG format. Note:  Vertical pictures will not be accepted!
  2. Place ½ the team sitting on a bench or chairs, and the other ½ standing behind.  Coaches should be in the picture and situated on the outside edges.
  3. Players should be in uniform (tops, shorts, shoes), with numbers clearly visible.
  4. Use a light background, preferably without lines or patterns.  A blank wall/screen would be best. Do not stand in front of your school logo….use a plain background.
  5. Ensure each team member’s uniform number corresponds to the roster submitted in STARS..
  6. If necessary, please crop the image. Large files may not transmit well via email.

Note:   Pictures that do not meet the criteria laid out will not appear in the tournament program.

Deadline for submission:  Friday, October 27      File must be sent via email


3.             Team Logo – We may not have a copy of your logo in PDF…..

Check our website:   to see if there is a copy of your school logo (in PDF) on record with the tournament.  If there isn’t, or if you have a new logo, you must submit your COLOUR PDF school logo via email.  Deadline for submission:  Friday, October 27      File must be sent via email


Instructions for submitting team photo and school logo:

  1. Save your team photo as a PDF, label with the name of your school and email to the email address listed below.
  2. Place your school name in the SUBJECT line of the email.
  3. ENSURE your team picture includes everyone listed on your BCSS roster.
  4. EMAIL your team photo and logo to

Teams need to complete all 3 steps of the registration process to appear in the BC Championship program.


Questions?  Email me at

Sharon Carter

Tournament Director


Author: Dean Weiss

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