2021 AAA Boys High School Volleyball Championships- BULLETIN #1

2021 AAA Boys High School Volleyball Championships- BULLETIN #1


2021 AAA Boys High School Volleyball Championships

Tournament Coordinator – AAA Boys Tournament Director Tony Sodaro – tony.sodaro@sd23.bc.ca

  1. Schools are asked to submit their roster (first and last name, grade, number, height and position) team photo (landscape with numbers visible), and school logo to BCSS on Stars no later than Monday November 22th, 2021 at 9:00 AM. If you cannot meet this deadline you may not be in the 2021 Program.


  1. UNIFORMS – Please take care of this right away if your team is not in compliance.

Uniforms All players except the libero must be dressed in identical uniforms, including shorts. Players uniforms must be numbered 1-99 with the number showing on the front and back of the uniform. The libero uniform must be a different dominant colour than the rest of the team and the libero number must not be the same number as any other player. If a coach wishes to raise a concern about the opponent’s uniforms, they must raise the issue with the tournament director prior to the start of the match.


  1. Tournament T-shirts and clothing: Team Order Forms will be due online by Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by 11:59pm. Online information to come ASAP!


  1. Tournament Hotel

Accommodations Sandman Hotel in Kelowna is the Official Tournament Hotel sponsor and has been block booked for this tournament.  Teams can send their information after their zone qualification tournaments (with the number of rooms needed) to:


Accommodation Reservations

Adam Spivey

Sales Coordinator




  1. Registration Invoicing:

Invoicing for the registration will be through BCSS.  You will be invoiced directly for the entry fee, pre ordered merchandise, and passes (if applicable).

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