Registration Instructions for all POTENTIAL teams- due Oct 31st

Registration Instructions for all POTENTIAL teams- due Oct 31st

registerearlyDear Athletic Directors and Senior Boys Volleyball Coaches,

DOWNLOAD THIS DOC: Instructions for Registration and Scholarships

The purpose of this document is to bring the following items to your attention:

  1. The new registration parameters that are in place for AA/AAA Senior Boys’ Volleyball Teams
    1. Registration in the BC School Sports “STARS” system
    2. Registration information and deadlines for the BC High School Boys AA/AA Championships 
  2. Scholarship information
    1. Information for athletes who want to apply for our scholarships
    2. A request for alumni coaches and players to contribute to our scholarship program.


NEW FOR 2015: All teams that will participate in their respective zone playoffs, or teams from zones that will send representatives without a playoff must follow the new registration procedures.


  1. All rosters (first and last name, grade, uniform # and height) must be entered into the BC School Sports STARS system as per the motions passed at the 2014 AGM.

 The following motions were passed at the 2014 AGM:

Resolved, That teams must enter all of the following information into the STARS system prior to participating in their zone playoffs:

  • first and last name
  • current grade
  • uniform number
  • height, in feet and inches

Moved (Al Carmichael/Brian McAskill) – carried


  1. Team photos, head shots and school logo must be submitted by October 31, 2015.

Resolved, That teams participating in Zone Playoffs leading toward the Provincial Championships shall submit team pictures and head shots of players and team personnel (meeting composition requirements as set forth by the Committee) to the Committee by October 31.

Moved (Al Carmichael/Brian McAskill) – carried


 Team Photo: Submit a quality colour digital team photo in JPG format. Observe the following guidelines:

  1. “Landscape” orientation, JPG format.
  2. Place ½ the team sitting on a bench or chairs, and the other ½ standing behind. Coaches should stand or sit on the outside edges.
  3. Players should be in game uniform (tops, shorts, shoes), with numbers clearly visible.
  4. Use a light background, preferably without lines or patterns. A blank wall or screen would be best.
  5. If necessary, please crop the image (reduce resolution) to minimum 600 pixels high by 800 pixels wide. Very large image files may not transmit via email. File must be sent via email.


Head Shots: For each player and coach on the roster. Please observe the following guidelines:

  1. “Portrait” orientation, JPG format.
  2. Players in uniform, with number clearly visible.
  3. Team members looking forward and face must be easily recognizable.
  4. Use a light background—blank wall or screen.
  5. If necessary, please crop the image (reduce resolution) to minimum 800 pixels high by 600 pixels wide. Very large image files may not transmit via email. File must be sent via email.Note: Pictures that are too dark, or too light, will have to be reshot and resubmitted.Team Logo: School or team logo in PDF or JPG format. Colour image, please.


Instructions for Submission

  1. After taking (and cropping, if necessary) the team picture and the headshots of each team member, save these image files to a folder on your computer.
  2. Save a colour copy of the school logo as a JPG or PDF in the same folder.
  3. EMAIL these files to Note: This is a separate email
  4. All of your school’s information must be in a folder with your school’s name.
  5. BE SURE to include your school name in the SUBJECT line of the email.
  6. ENSURE your team picture includes everyone listed on your BCSS roster.
  7. REGISTER EARLY – as soon as you have your picture and head shots done – send them!

Deadline – October 31, 2015




Scholarships for Athletes

Athletes can apply for a number of scholarships by visiting the tournament website to receive information on qualifications and deadlines. Application Deadline:   November 27, 2015

The Alumni Scholarship

Any coach or player who has played in a BC High School Boys’ Volleyball Championships knows how special the event is. Fun and exciting for sure, but equally important is the camaraderie and friendship that develops among the players and teams.

We are asking past participants of the championships to give back to our sport and strengthen the unique fellowship between volleyball players. By making a donation to the BC High School Boys Volleyball Alumni Scholarship you could help make a youngster’s dream happen.

Scholarships established are to benefit high school players who want to take the next step in their education.

There are two ways to give –

1. To receive a tax receipt for your donation

  1. Mail your donation ($25.00 minimum) to BC School Sports. Cheques should be payable to

BC School Sports”,

BC School Sports

2003A – 3714 Kensington Avenue,

Burnaby, BC V5B0A7

  1. Include a memo with the cheque indicating the funds are for the “Boys Volleyball Alumni Fund
  2. BC School Sports will issue your receipt.



2. General Donation via Credit Card or Paypal

Contributors to our scholarship program will be recognized in the tournament program.

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